Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Upcoming Brew Schedule

Just a placeholder for some planning for brew days (red means I did not do that batch as planned):

August 2011 - Jalapeno Pale Ale (10G batch experiment)
September 2011 - Brown Ale (Standard 10G Batch)
October 2011 - Christmas Ale (10G batch experiment)
November 2011 - Stout (10G batch experiment)
December 2011 - Wye Heavye (5G "final" experiment before this goes standard)

January 2012 - Irish Red (5G or 10G experiment)
Feb/Mar 2012 - IPA (Standard 5G Batch)
Apr/May/June/July 2012 - Belgian Dubbel (5G experiment - untested category)
Apr/May 2012 - Brown Ale (Standard 10G Batch)
June/July 2012 - Jalapeno Pale Ale (hopefully should be 10G standard by then)
Aug/Sept 2012 - APA (Standard 10G Batch)
October 2012 - Christmas Ale (may still be 10G batch experiment)
November 2012 - Stout(should be 10G standard by then)
December 2012 - Wee Heavy(should be 5G standard by then)

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