Friday, April 10, 2009

Planning the rest of the year

Lots of batches left to brew this year, but here's my plan...with some ambitious extras in there - two batches per month is pretty high for me - adding a third in August may be insane.

May - Belgian Wit
May - Either a California Steam/Dusseldorf Altbier
June - Blonde Ale
July - Imperial India Pale Ale
July/August - Mead
August - Dusseldorf Altbier
August - Brown Ale
October - Tripel
November - Jalapeno
October - Belgian Dark Strong? (move to next year)
October - Cherry Beer 20 (move to next year)
November - Christmas Beer
November - Wee Heavy (extract)
December - Porter

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Untested Categories

This is a placeholder post for all the BJCP categories that I have not yet tried. Hopefully having this post will help me to plan styles that I want to make and to try to enter various different categories.

01A. Lite American Lager
01C. Premium American Lager
01D. Munich Helles
01E. Dortmunder Export
02A. German Pilsner (Pils)
02B. Bohemian Pilsner
02C. Classic American Pilsner
03B. Oktoberfest
04A. Dark American Lager
04B. Munich Dunkel
04C. Schwarzbier (Black Beer)
05A. Maibock/Helles Bock
05B. Traditional Bock
05C. Doppelbock
05D. Eisbock
06D. American Wheat or Rye Beer
07A. Northern German Altbier
08A. Standard/Ordinary Bitter
08B. Special/Best/Premium Bitter
08C. Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)
09A. Scottish Light 60/-
09B. Scottish Heavy 70/-
09C. Scottish Export 80/-
10B. American Amber Ale
11A. Mild
11B. Southern English Brown
12A. Brown Porter
12B. Robust Porter
13C. Oatmeal Stout
13D. Foreign Extra Stout
13E. American Stout
13F. Russian Imperial Stout
15A. Weizen/Weissbier
15C. Weizenbock
15D. Roggenbier (German Rye Beer)
16B. Belgian Pale Ale
16C. Saison
16D. Bière de Garde
16E. Belgian Specialty
17A. Berliner Weisse
17B. Flanders Red Ale
17C. Flanders Brown Ale/Oud Bruin
17D. Straight (Unblended) Lambic
17E. Gueuze
17F. Fruit Lambic
18A. Belgian Blond Ale
18B. Belgian Dubbel
18D. Belgian Golden Strong Ale
19A. Old Ale
19B. English Barleywine
19C. American Barleywine
22A. Classic Rauchbier
22B. Other Smoked Beer
22C. Wood-Aged Beer

24B. Semi-Sweet Mead
24C. Sweet Mead
25B. Pyment
25C. Other Fruit Melomel
26A. Metheglin
26B. Braggot
26C. Open Category Mead

27B. English Cider
27C. French Cider
27D. Common Perry
27E. Traditional Perry
28A. New England Cider
28B. Fruit Cider
28C. Applewine
28D. Other Specialty Cider/Perry

Happy Brewing.

Label Changes

As I have started paying attention to what I would need to know to enter beers in competitions, I have also started identifying the beer styles with the BJCP guidelines. As such, I am relabeling my recipes to match their identifying BJCP style, and adding sub-styles in parentheses where applicable (like Belgian Trappist-style under 16E Belgian Specialty Beer). I had to put zero in front of the single digit styles so they would sort properly. I am also going to try to reduce the extra useless labels I have in an effort to streamline ability to find things.... We shall see.

Batch 5 (b) - Kolsch take 2

So the last Kolsch was delicious, but had some coloring issues and I have never been a fan of dry yeast (I prefer smackpacks) - so here's another take on the same recipe using pilsner dry malt extract to get a lighter color:

1.5 lb Weyermann's Pilsner Malt
0.5 lb Weyermann's Carafoam

4 lb Briess Pilsner DME

1.5 oz GR Spalt Select (60 minutes)

pitch with Wyeast 1007 German Ale smackpack

OG 1.o44
FG 1.012
ABV 4.2%

Now I just need to convert it to all -grain once the rest of my equipment arrives...