Friday, May 22, 2009

Batch 6(b) - Witless 2

All grain version - need some help with mash efficiency on the wheat...

5.0 lb Dingmann's Belgian Pilsner
2.5 lb Weyermann's Light Wheat Malt
2.5 lb Briess unmalted wheat
0.25 lb Rice Hulls
0.5 lb Dingmann's Belgian Aromatic Malt
0.25 lb Flaked Oats

Add 1 tsp alpha amylase enzyme.

Mash at 158 degrees 1 hour.

Only got about 50-55% efficiency on this one :(

60 minutes:
1 oz. US Goldings (4.5% AA)

15 minutes
1/2 oz US Goldings (4.5% AA)
1/4 oz bitter orange peel
3/4 tsp Coriander seeds lightly crushed
pinch cumin powder

2 minutes
1/2 oz Czech Saaz (3.5% AA)
1/2 oz bitter orange peel
1/2 tsp Coriander seeds lightly crushed
very small pinch cumin

OG: 1.038
FG: 1.011
ABV: 3.54%

Unfortunately got a LOT of oxidation with this one so there are some not awesome flavors in there...

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Bren said...

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