Sunday, October 26, 2008

Batch 12 - Wee Beastye Wee Heavye

Oh what a beastye.

1.0 lb Weyermann's Light Munich Malt
0.05 lb Simpson's Peated Malt
0.25 lb Dingman's Special B
0.25 lb H Baird Carastan
0.25 lb Briess Crystal 120L
0.13 lb Dingman's Biscuit Malt
0.25 lb Paul's Roasted Barley

Steep 45 min at 150-160 degrees.

12 lb Pale LME

Boil for 1 hour before hopping.

1 oz Nugget (alpha 12.8%) - 60 min
0.5 oz Willamette (alpha 4.6%) - 60 min
0.5 oz Willamette (alpha 4.6%) - 20 min

Boiled 3.5 gallons. Top off to 5 gallon batch.

Pitch with:
Wyeast Labs #1728 Scottish Ale (I like the smack packs)

OG: 1.090
Bottled 11/3/2008
Bottled 20 bombers, 11 regular bottles.

FG: 1.022
estimated ABV: 8.925%


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Batch 11 - Texas Firewater Hand-Picked Jalapeno Pale Ale

We have a jalapeno plant in the back yard that produced several more jalapenos than we could possibly use in cooking and recipes, so I decided to try to throw a couple into a basic pale ale. I used a very small one in the boil - one that had already ripened to a bright red color. The plan is to use a slightly larger roasted one in the fermenter after primary fermentation is complete. Hopefully it won't be TOO hot, and will just leave a small bite after the refreshment. Sure - this is a novelty beer, but it could be fun, so I'll post how it goes.

0.5 lb Briess Carapils
0.5 lb Briess Crystal 60L

Steep grains 30 min

6.6 lb Pale LME
1 oz. Chinook (alpha 12.0%) - 60 minutes
1 small (1.5 inch) jalapeno, washed and quartered - seeds included - 60 minutes
1 oz. Cascade (alpha 6.3%) - 15 minutes
1 oz. Cascade (alpha 6.3%) - 5 minutes

Pitch with LeSaffre Safale US - 05 dry yeast (rehydrated)

OG: 1.059

After 1 week in fermenter, roast a second jalapeno (1-2 inches) on grill until tender. Split and add (seeds included) to fermenter. Let rest for 5 more days.

Bottled 11/7/2008
40 bottles - a little light on the production, but heavier on the ABV.
FG: 1.010
ABV: 6.43%

You can taste the jalapeno, which I didn't think you would be able to, but it does not taste bad - and there's only a mild heat to it. Enjoy!