Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bottled the Cherry Beer

Tastes like (shocking) tart cherries.  Bottled today and should be ready in a couple of weeks.  Need to bottle the IPA soon and then get back go brewing.

Couple of things I've been thinking about lately on brewing are to create a set of "standards" that I would like to have "in stock" pretty much all the time, and then intersperse the experimentals in there as needed.

Thoughts on the standards:
American Brown Ale
Blonde Ale
and possible an APA or one of these "Dark IPAs or Dark India Ales or Cascadian Dark Ales" if I can find a good recipe

Then 4 seasonals:
Scottish Strong Ale - Wee Beastye (Spring)

Jalapeno Pale Ale (Summer/Fall)
Annual Rotator (Summer/Fall) - Brew something different as a special brew
Christmas Ale (Winter)

Of course, I will probably brew whatever I want, but this is just something I was thinking about in terms of if I were to ever "upscale" the production (aka buy/build a brewery).

The other things I have been thinking about is getting a little more precise with my equipment.  I intend to add some temperature gauges to my cooler and possibly the HLT and then also potentially come up with some other efficiency gaining equipment improvements.  In addition, I am going to try to calibrate all of my stuff (this really means boiling lots of water most likely and wasting propane).  I might can work some of it into a really long brew day, but otherwise, it will be a less-than-exciting effort that I'll still document here.


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