Monday, November 22, 2010


Brewed a Wee Beastye Wee Heavye this past weekend - and I've got that American Brown Ale in the hopper waiting on my laziness to bottle it (after Thanksgiving, I am sure).

Giving some thought to trying to keep a "stock" set of beers available for 2011, which would mean a good bit of front-loaded brewing, and then some replacement pace brewing on the rest. Not sure if that's possible, but also separating the styles by cap color (to keep me-self organized). Here's what I'm thinking of keeping in stock:

American Brown Ale - red caps
IPA - silver caps
Stout - black caps
APA (if I can find a recipe I like) - blue caps? white caps?
Dark IPA (might try this one in 2011 to see if I like em) - dark blue caps?

Then the seasonals:
Jalapeno Pale Ale - Brew Summer for Fall - yellow caps
Christmas Ale - Brew Fall for Winter - green caps
Wee Beastye Wee Heavye - Brew Early Winter for Winter/Spring - gold caps
Blonde Ale (if I can find a recipe I like) - white or blue caps?

Then one to two additional brews per year (kind of like St. Arnold does with Divine Reserve) just trying something new. For these I'd use some overrun caps.

Now I just need to bottle that brown ale. And then the wee heavye in a couple of weeks. And get brewing on the rest!

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