Sunday, July 6, 2008

Plan for the Staples

So, while there are several unique beers I would like to make throughout the year, I am formulating a plan to brew a particular batch each month as staples to have around for general consumption, leaving my second fermenter to hold some higher alcohol beers (not for daily use) or specialty beers that I might experiment with. This is subject to change, but here's what I am going to look at trying over the next year or so.

July - India Pale Ale
August - Dunkelweizen
September - Nut Brown Ale
October - Scottish Heavy
November - Holiday/Celebration Ale
December - Porter
January - Irish Stout
February - Irish Red
March - Mild or Honey Brown
April - Kolsch
May - Belgian Wit
June - Pale Ale

Additionals to be thrown in there where I can: Tripel, Cherry Beer, Strong Ale/Old Ale

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