Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Batch 1 - Irish Stout from Extract - Brew Day 1/13/2007

First batch - Irish Stout from extract.

Thomas Cooper's Brewmaster Select Irish Stout 3.75 Liquid Malt Extract
2 lbs Dark DME
5 gallons water

Had brew day with some friends - determined that by pouring via funnel instead of racking I need to wait until the beer is colder - wort chiller would be nice. 6.5 carboy-expensive lesson. 160 degrees bad.

Pitched yeast at about 10 PM - by next evening had a large foamy head on it. Here we are day 2 - looking to probably bottle on 1/21.

Fun times.

Stuff I need before the next batch:
case of 22 oz bottles
rubber drilled stopper
6.5 g carboy
racking rubber cap for 6.5 g carboy
Large Wooden or Stainless spoon
metal racking cane
Wort chiller or better chilling mechanism would be nice - ice bucket?

Bottled: 1/21/2008
So we bottled the salvageable Stout with just under 1/3 cup of corn sugar for light carbonation. Will see how that goes - managed 26 bottles out of the remainder. Plan for Serving Day Feb 3.

Going to go ahead and start up next batch (Porter) without procuring another large carboy. Just going to pick up extra gear (spoon, stopper, 22 oz bottles, caps, carboy handle) and worry about replacing large carboy next time.


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