Sunday, June 22, 2008

Batch 6 - Witless Belgian White

OK so this is somewhat a clone recipe - but here's what I used:

8 oz Flaked Wheat
8 oz Belgium Aromatic Malt
4 oz Flaked Oats
4 oz Rice Hulls ( you wouldn't imagine how many rice hulls are in 1/4 lb)
6.7 lb Wheat Malt Extract
1 oz East Kent Goldings - bittering hops (60 minutes)

then at 45 minute mark:
1/2 oz Kent Goldings hops
1/4 oz Belgian Bitter Orange Peel
3/4 tsp Coriander seeds lightly crushed
pinch cumin powder

Then at 58 minute mark:
1/2 oz. Czech Saaz hops (aroma)
1/2 oz Belgian Bitter Orange Peel
1/2 tsp Coriander seeds lightly crushed
another SMALL SMALL pinch of cumin powder

Used a Wyeast Belgian Witbier slappack.

Initial Gravity: 1.054
7.08% potential abv
Brew Day: 6/13/2008

Transferred from 6.8 carboy to 5 gal carboy on 6/21/2008.

Bottled: 7/6/2008
So the Belgian White has been bottled - the unconditioned beer tastes delicious.

Final Gravity: 1.014
Alcohol Content by Volume: 5.25%

10 days to greatness

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